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"While people tend to overestimate what can be achieved in a short time, they underestimate what is possible in the long term."

- Arthur C. Clarke, author, translator, scientist

"Investment advisors are taking an aggressive wait-and-see attitude before making investments."

- Barrons, Spring 2002


"There is a genius on one side of every trade and a dolt on the other, but which is which does not become clear until much later."

- Leon Levy, New York Times, Winter 2003


"But when Philippe de Montebello, the Met's director, offered to name the museum's new wing dedicated to Greek and Roman antiquities for him and his wife "in perpetuity," Mr. Levy wondered how long that was."

- Leon Levy, New York Times Obituary, Winter 2003


"Another ABS pool blew up two weeks ago. It was backed by (NOW GET THIS!) truck-driver school tuition accounts receivable! Can you believe this? They were credit enhanced, and rated A or possibly AAA."

-Worthington Johnson, Jr., Lawrence Capital Management, Inc., November Quarterly Letter 2002

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