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Portfolio Management

We develop and continuously review client portfolios. Records are kept of all transactions. Periodic inventories are delivered to clients. A schedule of gains and losses is delivered to the client and their accountants at year end. We manage discretionary and advisory accounts. In a discretionary account we make decisions and advise clients as to the reason. In an advisory account we submit recommendations to clients before placing purchase or sale orders.


Broker Liaison

We work closely with the client's broker, custodian banks, trust officers, hedge fund and mutual fund companies. This includes negotiating favorable fees from these service providers. In some cases we introduce clients to brokers with whom we work. Our closest relationships are with Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and the Vanguard Group. We never receive fees nor any form of compensation from financial or professional firms.


Estates, Trusts and Charity

We often work with a client's attorney, accountant and insurance agent to assist in minimizing taxes and fulfilling multi-generational investment objectives.


Business Consulting and Appraisal

We advise clients on issues relating to businesses and partnerships. We can help a company maximize the returns of their pension and profit sharing plans. In some cases we are called upon to value closely held businesses.

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